From Heart to Heart Deloris J. Clark-Burrow Deloris J. Burrow

I’ve been the owner of Deloris J. Burrow,LUTCF Insurance Agency since October 1, 1986. Often times many of my clients would share the joys and pains of their lives. Many would tell me so much because they knew I cared about them as an individual.

I was always taught by my Mother to give back to society and to love. For many years I’ve had two Charitable Life Insurance policies, the beneficiaries being my church, Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church and LeMoyne-Owen College (Alumnus). I realized others would benefit from the life policies only upon my death, therefore I was inspired to share my experiences now!

People are hurting; I listen to the trials and tribulations of so many and we all need to edify each other. I know what it is like to be a victim to circumstances, but I decided many years ago that I would be a “victor” regardless of what life tossed my way. I took tragedy and made a career out of it.

After the tenth year of my daughter’s disappearance, October 25, 2001, I realized how blessed I was to be able to stand strong and having a peace that passed all understanding in spite of not knowing anything. But I also knew that I was not being all that I could be. Living through an unknown situation puts a different perspective on life. At that time, I started dealing with “issues of the heart”.

After several hits from the enemy, I felt like I was in a battle zone. On the night of January 17, 2003, I experienced a “massive explosion” within me; I knew I would never be the same. I got off my knees and asked myself one question, does it matter? I wrote four poems that night, “Does It Matter”, “A Mother’s Love”, “My Child”, and “Betrayal”. I looked back through my journals and discovered that I had not written a poem since, June 16, 1993, when I wrote “The Unbroken Cord of God”. Circumstances pushed me back to writing poetry again.

I know that everything that is precious has to go through a process, and that process is not always easy. Some of us will go through the storms, some through the fire, some are crushed and some will be pruned, in order to make us the person God created us to be. Even though some situations may not always change in the time that we think they should, we are given the strength to endure and persevere. We might not always have control of what happens in our life, but we do have control of how we respond. We must fight and stand strong in what we believe.

I would hope that the readers of this book would realize that we don’t have to accept everything that comes into our life, but we can live victoriously regardless of conditions. It’s easy to trust God when all is going well, but can you trust Him through the uncertainties of life? We should always have a solid foundation and know that God’s strength sustains us in our weakness. We are all God’s broken vessels, but are we God’s willing vessels?



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