"My Child"

What about me?
What did you really think when you took my child (daughter) away?
Did you not think of all the hurt and pain that her absence would cause?

What about her family and friends?
What about her brother, not growing up with a big sister he wishes
he knew. I wanted to see my child (daughter) graduate from college,
marry, and raise a family too. My grandchildren, I don’t have the
opportunity to see. So many birthdays/holidays we’ve had to do without
the presence of my child (daughter).

The years go so swiftly by, I watch other children grow.
I know my child (daughter) is out there somewhere,
but where I do not know.

My heart aches to know of so many children and adults who are gone
from their loved ones. I say a prayer for those families in pain.
For God will help bear the burden and ease the pain.

To know that someone was so cruel to take my child (daughter) away.
But, there is a price that they must some day pay.
For everything there is a season, this I know. I don’t understand,
but I yet trust that it is in the Master’s Hand!

I try to be strong and stand tall for I know this is how my child (daughter)
would want me to be. I do have my down moments, but in this situation,
I can not give satan control of my mind or the victory!

As time goes by I try to keep the faith, for time does not lessen
the pain. I miss my child(daughter) more than any one will know.
Not knowing anything is so challenging because there is no closure,
can you understand? Only the Father of whom I can depend,
gives me strength to make it through each passing day!!!

Written by: Deloris J. Clark-Burrow

(Dedicated to all parents of missing children)

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