Below are excerpts “From Heart to Heart” by Deloris J. Clark-Burrow. 
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“A Mother’s love is so very special; one that endures to the end.
Her eyes behold the feeling she has for her child within.”

“What about me? What did you really think when you took my child (daughter) away? Did you not think of all the hurt and pain that her absence would cause?”

“Have you taken the time to deal with issues of the heart? To examine yourself and ask questions. There are times when you must step out in complete faith and trust what’s in your heart…..”

“Always keep a song in your heart for the sunshine and the rain. Think of how much victory you would have in your life, if you truly believed the words you sing about in your songs!”

“I’m like a walk in the park, nice and quiet.”

“Living in this world takes a lot of strength.”

“In betrayal, we must learn to forgive.”

“Why not come to terms with yourself, who’s controlling your destiny?”

“Does it matter when circumstances say one thing, but your heart says keep the faith….It matters not whether you understand, but it’s all a part of the Master’s plan….”

“I say I can, I must go on! For I trust not in circumstances, but in the unbroken cord of God!”

“Why are you giving control to someone other than the Spirit within?”

“You have a choice to remain a victim in your circumstances; or to rise above and become a victor in spite of your circumstances. Which one do you choose to be?”

“Life is so beautiful, even with its ups and downs.”

“My Redeemer makes me confident; He transforms my fears into faith, perseverance, and tenacity.”

“I’m committed to believing that I will win! For my Redeemer is with me to the end!”

“Do not twist my words when I speak to you. I want it this way, and you what it that way, somewhere we must compromise.”

“My Love….You’re so very special to me….You’re one of my hopes and dreams come true. Our love is like the different shades in a rainbow.”

“Come to God, just as you are: broken, weary, worn, or torn. It does not matter what shape you’re in. So much can be accomplished in the Master’s Hand.”

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